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Mike Panish is a unique and highly qualified expert in most fields of construction. His hands-on working approach to all of his construction projects during the past 35 years have field tested his abilities and honed his skills to make him truly the most qualified and experienced expert working in the field of construction related defects and injuries.

Unlike other experts that offer opinions based on statistics or reference manuals, Mike has written and published articles and created industry reference materials derived from his personal "on the job" experiences. He has testified many times in deposition, mediation, arbitration, and courtroom proceedings as expert witness for both the plaintiff and defense. He has been the retained construction expert witness on many landmark decision cases throughout the United States. His thorough understanding of construction design, management, and implementation has made him the ultimate choice when looking for a construction expert witness.

Mike has a comprehensive knowledge of construction practices from the ground up. He is proficient in design aspects, engineering, architectural design, appropriate usage of materials, and is able to apply his personal experience and expertise on any phase of commercial and residential construction projects.

Mike has been the retained expert witness for the plaintiff (homeowner) on many contractor fraud cases that have resulted in verdicts significantly in excess of the claimed amount, directly due to his testimony. He has been participant in trials where he worked on behalf of the plaintiff and achieved huge rewards for his clients, and also defended claims where he was responsible for minimizing the settlements to pennies on the claimed dollars. He has been retained by both sides of a case to aid in dispute resolution, and is often contacted by a cross defendants for litigation support services.

Mike's abilities and explanation of the facts makes the jury aware of all the pertinent information in easily understood terminology. Mike Panish has been referred to by attorneys as "the most easily understood expert I have ever worked with" and "Finally, an expert that didn't put me to sleep!" Mike has a great command of his trade, is extremely knowledgeable and has an uncommon ability to speak to any audience. He can speak on the highest technical levels with industry professionals, and can as easily relate his ideas and convey his points to the Jury. He has exceptional verbal and written communicative skills. His written reports are comprehensive, precise, and to the point. He does not clutter the reader with unimportant or superfluous bravado. Mike Panish is different from any construction defect expert you have ever worked with. Place a call to him, and you will understand why.

Mike Panish is expert in most construction trades, including but not limited to:

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