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Published Articles

Contractor Fraud

The following are some of Mike Panish's most popular articles involving Contractor Fraud that have appeared in a variety of legal publications across the country:

CONTRACTOR FRAUD SERIES (Part 1) - Beware of Unscrupulous Contractors

Construction Expert Witness, Mike Panish, Many homeowners are regularly taken advantage of by unscrupulous contractors. How to check out your contractor prior to hiring him. By Michael Panish

CONTRACTOR FRAUD SERIES (Part 2) - Don't Become a Victim - Home Renovation Projects

Construction Expert Witness, Mike Panish, uses examples from three different contractor fraud lawsuits to demonstrate how homeowners can be influenced and easily deceived by building contractors. By Michael Panish

Elder Abuse - It Isn't Always About Physical Abuse
Today, even more so than in the past, older people appear easy targets to unscrupulous contractors and salesmen. They are quick to react with their wallets and easily satisfied even though the work may not be as promised. By Michael Panish