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Mike Panish

Nationwide Inspection & Testimony

Construction Defect Claims

Whether you represent the plaintiff or defense in a construction defect claim, Mike Panish, Construction Expert Witness, is the preferred choice for inspection and testimony.

Mike Panish is a nationally recognized construction defect expert witness, consultant, and forensic analyst. He has been retained on many cases that have utilized his unique abilities to evaluate, analyze, and determine the cause of severe personal injuries, significant monetary losses, and claim investigations relating to construction defects.

Mike has been retained to interpret defects that have been identified and quantified in hotels, schools, colleges, hospitals, surgical centers, labs, restaurants, commercial & retail centers, apartments & multi residential developments, as well as custom home & tract developments.

home wood framing holes in wall holes in roofing


Mike has been retained by both Plaintiff and Defense on cases that have had multi-million dollar resolutions. He has been involved in mediation and arbitration of construction related claims that have yielded excellent results for his clients. Cases have included defective design, defective engineering and deficient installations, failure of installed products, longevity of installed products, lab and engineered analysis of material composition such as cabinetry finish defects, hazardous out gassing of chemical origin, structural component failures, and methodology of defective installation practices. Mike Panish has been expert witness for claims for resultant damage of adjacent components installed in proximity to the claimed defective materials. He has been asked to establish validity of claims and interpret blueprint plan design compared to actual installed site conditions.

Plaintiff & Defense Construction Defect Expert that provides highly credible and solid testimony

Extensive experience working for both plaintiff and defendant based on discovery of empirical evidence derived from thorough onsite analysis. Mike Panish has been proven to provide highly credible and solid testimony during deposition and court appearances and has been influential and beneficial to the clients he has been asked to support.


Every case can benefit from unbiased and credible professional opinion. As a truly skilled expert, Michael Panish can not only inform you of the evidence that can serve as a source of indisputable proof for your particular matter but he also can shed light on potential issues that may leave your claim vulnerable to risk or liability.


  • Construction Defects (most trades)
  • Remodeling Defects
  • Construction Damage
  • Fire Damage
  • Water Damage
  • Building Leaks & Water Intrusion
  • Mold Issues & Resultant Damage
  • Non permitted work
  • Poor workmanship & neglect
  • Complete list of Mike Panish's trade expertise

Mike has been retained by attorneys representing plaintiff, defendant, cross defendant, insurance claims adjusters, homeowners, homeowners associations, real estate developers and agencies having the need to verify the specific reasons for failure of installed products and identify durability problems. Mike Panish has been retained as construction expert witness for many homeowner association disputes between builder/developers and HOA to isolate and determine the responsibility of all involved parties over defective construction related claims and component defects.

Mike Panish is an insurance claim adjuster's most valuable resource to resolve claims, and a unique source for accurate and concise information

Many insurance adjusters have relied upon Mike Panish to determine loss and evaluate insurance policy holder claims as a result of fire, theft, water damage, product liability, and premises liability. Mike has been retained by insurance attorneys who are representing manufacturers or building owners in product liability, premises liability, personal injury, or defect claims. Mike is experienced in inspection and consultation for most construction issues for attorney analysis of cases and determination of validity of claim. Mike Panish is an A.M. BEST (worldwide insurance-rating agency that serves the insurance industry) Expert Service Provider.

Call Mike Panish NOW if you have a construction defect claim (888) 902-4272.