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Why Retain Mike Panish?

Integrity, Dedication & Commitment

Those are the values that are of the highest importance to Mike Panish as an expert. Providing unparalleled service and offering immediate response to all of his clients makes Mike Panish different in the expert industry. Mike previews each individual case by speaking directly with the retaining attorney before taking a case.

Hands-On Construction Experience in Most Construction Trades

Mike Panish's expert services and opinions are based upon his years of actual "Hands On" experiences working in many construction fields. Unlike any forensic referral group or expert directory, Mike is the expert that you will personally be working with. Mike has a unique depth of knowledge and considers all aspects of every case prior to rendering an opinion. His expert reports are uniquely developed and hand crafted on an individual basis, not derived from some "boiler plate" or "off the shelf" reference materials.

When a site inspection is required, Mike personally conducts the inspection for each case that requires his services with an independent and unbiased eye. Mike frequently knows upon immediate observation what the key and critical issues are. When forensic analysis of components is required, he has solid and long term relationships with many labs and engineering firms that will provide indisputable results that will make your case.

Mike's Published Articles are researched by other Experts

Don't make the mistake of hiring a "One size fits all" expert. Mike frequently sees so called experts botch site inspections, provide ridiculous opinions, and generally flounder around as they are working on a case. Mike Panish is the expert that will analyze and personally provide an assessment of all issues that will not be challenged. Many experts and expert referral services continually comb his website for reference materials that he has authored. Mike has attended many opposing expert depositions where his published work was actually quoted as their source materials.

When you are looking for the most competent, thorough, and dedicated expert for your next case, give Mike Panish a call. His tenacious and dedicated staff will get you the results that you are seeking. Mike will be available to take your call within moments of your inquiry. His staff is available 7 days a week and will respond to your needs without delay.

Over 2200 Cases & Extensive Experience

Mike Panish, Expert Witness, has been retained or consulted on over 2200 cases and has been responsible for multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements since the year 2000, and all of his clients, whether Plaintiff or Defense, have obtained excellent results.

Expert for Plaintiff & Defense - Unbiased Opinion & Testimony

Mike Panish is retained almost equally for both plaintiff and defense, and every attorney that has worked with Mike and his staff have seen the difference that a true professional expert can make.

Expert services that are unequalled

Retain Mike Panish for exceptional results!