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One of the most important aspects of any type of criminal matter will be an attorney's ability to compile evidence in a clear, organized way and then create a compelling case to interpret and convey the evidence in an indisputable manner. Complement your skills as a criminal defense attorney, prosecutor, or premises liability attorney by hiring one of the most retained experts for premises security and unauthorized entry breaches.

Mike Panish has participated as the door and premises security expert witness and consultant in dozens of rape, assault, murder, and elder and patient abuse cases throughout the United States.

Mike's testimony has set legal standards for adult long term care facilities

Because of Mike's involvement as the plaintiff's security and premises liability expert for a case involving an elderly woman with dementia who was raped in 2007 at an adult day care facility by an employee, the victim received one of the highest verdicts of $12.5 MILLION in California courts for elder abuse and rape.

Mike has extensive experience building and renovating medical buildings, hospitals, and long term skilled nursing and day care facilities

Mike understands the security requirements of medical facilities and knows what security must be in place to protect the patients and residents. He is thoroughly versed in standard of care issues and has been called upon to advise and consult major medical facilities to improve their elopement and intrusion concerns.

Mike has provided invaluable professional services as a highly experienced door, lock, and security contractor for these types of facilities:

  • Nursery, preschool, and child daycare facilities
  • Schools, Colleges, Dorms
  • Adult daycare facilities
  • Long Term Care & Skilled Nursing Facilities
  • Hospitals & Medical Office Buildings
  • Transport Buses (School & Medical)
  • In home residential care
  • Jails and penal facilities
  • Courtrooms & Government Buildings
  • Hotels, Resorts, Motels, Extended Stay
  • Apartments & Condos
  • Homes & Offices

Why has Mike Panish been retained as premises security expert for so many rape & abuse cases?

As a building contractor, Mike Panish has a substantial background building and renovating long term and skilled nursing facilities of many kinds. Mike owns and maintains a door, lock, and security hardware business that provides services for periodic inspections of doors and hardware, ADA compliance issues, and life safety. His door and hardware company has provided many medical facilities with proprietary master key systems that control access to areas by tiered status. As an electrical contractor, he has designed and installed card key access and video surveillance systems that attempt to limit and control access through supervised oversight. Mike has been responsible for helping to develop policies and procedures, and provide and install access equipment that dictate the way that everyone gains entry to secure facilities such as jails, courts, government facilities, laboratories, hospitals, and hotels.


  • Rape
  • Murder
  • Sexual assault
  • Inmate assault
  • Patient abuse and rape
  • Day care abuse
  • Nursing home abuse
  • Medical transport sexual assault
  • Unauthorized access point breaches¬≠

Unbiased Expert for Plaintiff & Defense

Mike Panish has been designated and is currently involved as expert witness and consulted on many rape, assault and murder related cases. His expertise has been provided to both the Plaintiff and Defense sides almost equally. He has testified in trial for these types of cases, and has been hailed as one of the most significant reasons that his clients have prevailed in the actions. Some of his cases have been written about in local trial magazines and "The Verdict" has noted Mike Panish's involvement in cases where unprecedented awards have been given.

Nationwide Inspection & Testimony for Premises Security & Criminal Cases

Mike has travelled nationwide to analyze and evaluate the site conditions leading up to a crime. He has repeatedly been involved in determining whether the points of access and construction qualities met code and industry standard requirements. Mike has been asked to comment on the appropriate usage of specific hardware, automatic access controls, door installation, video surveillance, illumination, and other aspects related to increased or lacking security potentials.

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One of the most important aspects of the services that Mike provides is the ability to analyze and integrate all of the key components that may have been available to prevent the incidents from ever occurring. His extensive background in construction relating to door and hardware security technology has been shown to be significant in defending issues that appear to have been misinterpreted by the opposing side or proving the positions of the involved parties.

Criminal, Assault, Murder, & Home Invasion Cases

Mike has worked on many cases as expert witness and consultant for the Plaintiff and the Defense for criminal, assault, rape, and home invasion cases. He has been retained by homeowners associations that were defending claims against their association, has been retained as Plaintiff's expert for rape and assault victims, and has been used in mediation and arbitration by neutral parties as a consulting analyst. Mike is currently retained as security expert witness in several assault cases that resulted in the murder of one or more of the involved parties.

Mike Panish's interpretive analysis has led to the discovery of outside sources often contributing to the cause of the incident. Mike has testified and appeared in court to represent rape victims in cases involving senior assault and abuse. He has been designated as expert in cases that pertain to rape and assault with day care centers that have involved mentally disabled, physically disabled, elder abuse, and child abuse. handicap wheel chair

Mike has been involved in adult day care cases where patrons have been raped and molested. He has been retained to evaluate the safety and security precautions in place during case discovery. Mike has been designated as the preferred expert on many ADA and handicapped related abuse cases. He has been retained in cases that have involved molestation during transport to and from day care facilities, in house abuses that have been the result of violent mismanagement and he has found through investigative analysis evidence in several facilities where staff members were behaving unprofessionally and inappropriately towards their charges.

As president of Construction Systems, Mike has been involved in the renovation and construction of long term care facilities, adult day care locations, senior housing centers, and acute care facilities that pertain to the severely disabled client. He has actively participated in establishing security procedures for lock and access control, surveillance monitoring systems, and key card technologies. He has consulted with many facility directors and engineering staff to assure that all aspects of their facility are safe and secure from outside intrusion while protecting the personal security and privacy of the resident client.