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Automatic Door or Gate Injury Case?
Why Retain Mike Panish

Every week our office receives numerous calls from attorneys who are looking for an automatic door or gate expert witness. In recent calls, some attorneys have made the comment that they have already hired a "safety engineer" and have not been satisfied with the information or case feedback that they are getting. Others have mentioned that they unknowingly hired a tired "cut and paste" expert where every report is almost identical to his last. They are not feeling confident that the expert will offer any support or give the proper attention to their cases. They are worried that their expert will not hold up in court. The attorneys who are now desperate to get some real help, contact our offices to move their cases along.

The comments that are most frequently heard from these attorneys generally state that in a brief conversation with Mike Panish, they learned more about their case and were given true information that they never heard from their previous so called "expert". It appears that in a lot of circumstances, people offering their "expert" services are really just "faking it". These type of "experts" are often using the many articles and source materials that have been written and published by Mike Panish as their sole source reference materials and information. You have to ask yourself a question when hiring someone claiming to be a "true expert" in the field. Is that "expert" someone that really knows everything about the field where they are offering services? Or, are they using reference materials written by the most frequently retained, nationally recognized, and time tested expert, Mike Panish, as their basis for their opinions? In most cases where Mike Panish has been hired to replace the previously retained expert, it is discovered that the first "expert" was using the information and content found in Mike Panish's published articles as reference.

Ask yourself this . . .

Would you rather hire the expert that has thorough working knowledge of every aspect of automatic doors or gates, with years of experience as an automatic door expert witness - or hire a person who has only read about automatic doors or gates from articles written by Mike Panish?

An example would be similar to reading a book about Henry Ford and the Model T vs. restoring, driving, and owning a Model T Ford. Even though you may have read about Henry and the Model T, until you have personally had the hands on experience of restoring, driving, and owning one, you don't really know what the "T" is all about.

Do yourself and your client a great service. Hire Mike Panish for your next door or gate or automatic door case. His services, knowledge, and supportive and attentive staff make working with him effortless. Mike is retained evenly for plaintiff and defense and offers unbiased and extremely accurate evaluations of every case where he is retained. Take a look at the many testimonials that have been left by attorneys that have and continue to retain Mike. His work is unparalleled and unequalled anywhere in this industry. Discover the difference a truly professional expert can make for your next case.

Call Sharon at (888) 902-4272 to connect with Mike and discuss your case.