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Case Results

Woman claims injury from automatic door entering a chain store

Mr. Panish was retained to inspect the door system. In defense of the claim, he evaluated all aspects of the door function, and found that there was ...

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He had answers before I had questions!

I recently got a great settlement for my client thanks to the exceptional expert I used. Mike provided me with more information than any expert I have ...

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An Expert Witness Unlike Any Other Expert

Mike Panish is an expert unlike any other expert witness you may have worked with in the past. He is not just an engineer or architect. Unlike most other experts, he is an active, hands-on, building contractor and his income is not solely derived from his expert services.

He offers his expertise in a variety of disciplines, drawing upon his many years of personal, hands-on construction experiences and a thorough working knowledge of his craft. This makes him independent, unbiased, and highly credible. Mike Panish's reputation as a construction expert and door & gate expert witness is impeccable and he is one of the most competent, professional, and knowledgeable experts in the country.

The Nation's Leading Construction Expert for PLAINTIFF & DEFENSE for More Than 2200 Cases

Mike has been retained almost equally for plaintiff, defense, and cross defense. He is a truly unique resource for every attorney. Don't go back to the "one-size-fits-all" expert you have used in the past. Here is your opportunity to achieve great results on your next case with a construction expert witness you can trust.

Work with the finest and most thorough construction expert witness in the country!

Mike is the most retained construction expert witness for:

  • Plaintiff attorneys
  • Defense attorneys
  • Co-Defense attorneys
  • Manufacturers
  • Contractors
  • Insurance claims adjusters
  • Subrogation attorneys
  • Bond companies
  • Workers' compensation & subrogation attorneys
  • Trial lawyers prosecuting or defending criminal cases

Responsible for Multi-Million Dollar Verdicts for Plaintiffs

Because of Mike's involvement as the retained and designated construction defect, personal injury, premises liability, or premises security expert, his clients have obtained some of the highest verdicts in courts across the country. Plaintiff's attorneys nationwide have retained Mike to help them with their cases.

Defense support for case assessment, limiting liability, or removal from case

Mike is retained to help defend claims, investigate claims, to assess the course of events leading up to a claim. Mike has worked with many attorneys nationwide defending claims for their insurance clients for premises liability, product liability, criminal cases, workers' compensation, and subrogation cases. Mike has turned defense claims around to limit liability and even get financial rewards for the defendants.

Case analysis by Mike Panish can make a big difference in the disposition of your case.

Mike is incredibly knowledgeable and retains the smallest detail regarding every case he works on. He has the ability to remember and recall details that can strongly influence the outcome of your case during deposition and trial.

He is able to analyze your case files quickly and efficiently, often finding information that makes a significant difference in the disposition of your claim. He has often been asked to act on behalf of several parties in the same case, as he maintains an unbiased and neutral position.

Expert in Most Construction Trades: The expert you need. Call now!

Mike Panish has expertise in almost every construction trade, with specialties that make him the nation's number-one choice for both plaintiff and defense attorneys. In addition to being qualified to inspect and testify for most every construction trade, Mike's expert specialties are:

  • Doors
  • Door hardware
  • Automatic doors
  • Door sensors
  • Overhead Doors
  • Gates, Parking Arm Gates, Fences
  • Cabinetry
  • Furniture
  • Architectural millwork
  • General Construction - most trades

Nationwide Inspection and Testimony

Mike Panish has offices in California and New England and is retained by attorneys across the country to inspect, analyze, support, and testify for all types of cases for both plaintiff and defense.

Immediate Case Support to back up your every need! Call Sharon at (888) 902-4272 to connect with Mike today. You will be impressed with the high level of personalized services that Mike and his attentive staff will bring to your case.

Your case is important. Get the best expert, Mike Panish

More than 40 years trade experience and extensive hands-on field knowledge.


Due to Mike's unique abilities his expertise in the field of construction is diverse and comprehensive and includes almost every construction trade. Please browse this site to see some of the many services that Mike provides for his clients. If you do not find your specific need, please give us a call to discuss your case requirements. Click here for Areas of Expertise.

Mike Panish, Expert Witness's areas of expertise include but are not limited to:

Some of the types of venues where Mike Panish has been retained include:

  • Retail stores
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Hotels, casinos, nightclubs, hospitality
  • Housing complexes & tract developments
  • Cruise ships & theme parks
  • Shopping centers & department stores
  • Big Box stores
  • Private residences
  • Commercial & industrial buildings
  • Arenas & Theme Parks

You will be impressed with Mike Panish's extensive knowledge and his ability to help with your case. Mike Panish will give your case support like you have never had before with any other expert.

Mike Panish is available for nationwide inspection & testimony.