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(Custom Fabrication & Presentation)

man in hotel room  
1/12th Scale Model of Man in Hotel Room  
(see below for more photos recreating accident)

Courtroom models take many forms and play important roles in explaining your case to a jury during trial. Mike Panish has provided many different examples and types of courtroom display elements. Among his many services providing courtroom models he has fabricated full size structural and architectural elements, scale model reproductions and actual working products.

In several courtroom demonstrations, Mike has reproduced architectural millwork or furniture to use as an accurate representation of the defective installed products in the subject case. Mike is a master woodworker and furniture maker able to provide exact representations of all products. He has produced accurate museum quality products used to replace antique pieces too fragile for display with modern products and materials that have convinced most observers.

In one recent case, Mike provided numerous examples of antique door hardware from his vast collection of hardware saved over the past thirty years working as a door and hardware contractor. Using this hardware, Mike was able to thoroughly explain the changes to the product displayed that had evolved over time, and was able to show how production runs vary, date stamps are placed and wear patterns are created during actual usage. Mike and his crews have installed many products during his career and sample boxes of a wide variety of hardware have been stored for reference. This long term collection of hardware, literature and packaging gives Mike resources that no other door and hardware expert could possess.

In some cases, the actual defective structures or products no longer exist. Using photographs, blueprints and architectural renderings, Mike has created accurate reproductions that have proven design and structural flaws as well as installation omissions and improper techniques. In several cases, his scale representations of the original work have been confused with the full sized products.

A recent major personal injury case involved defective attachment of an architectural element. Mike was able to replicate the architectural millwork in both full size and ΒΌ scale for courtroom usage. Prior to taking the exemplars to court, a viewing was arranged to allow the opposition to see his work. The opposing expert stated during the inspection that the millwork was so faithfully reproduced by Mike that he saw no reason to measure or criticize the work. In addition, the opposition declined to see the failure of the millwork recreated, and a serious seven figure settlement was reached prior to going to trial.

In trial, in spoliation hearings, and during deposition, Mike has furnished specific products and fabricated models to visually support his opinions. His model making skills, furniture recreations and architectural elements have convinced the opposition and the juries that he knows what he is talking about. He has furnished working and sample hardware, doors, door frames, electronic and manual locksets, furniture and millwork, video security monitors and recording devices among others, and has always proven his point.

The usage of accurate, faithfully reproduced exemplars brings a life to your case that is unobtainable through animated video presentations or still photography. Putting a model or full size example of a product into the hands of the jury allows them to really understand what affect the product had on your client.

Mike Panish is a skilled professional that can make a significant difference in your next case. His expert services are augmented by his library of sample products and model making expertise.

man in hotel room man in hotel room door hitting him 
man hit by door man hit by door man hit by door 

1/12th Scale Depiction of Architectural Millwork Failure, Leading to Head Trauma