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Michael Panish

Construction Expert Witness
Door & Automatic Door Expert
Cabinet & Millwork Expert

Nationwide Inspection & Testimony

Michael Panish is a Construction Expert Witness for most construction trades. Mike is the nation's leading and most retained expert witness for Door & Automatic Door related injuries and defects. He is also the only true expert for cabinet and furniture defects and injuries resulting from defective or improperly attached architectural millwork and cabinetry.

Mike Panish has offices in California and New England and offers his services to attorneys, insurance claims adjusters, property owners, and contractors in all states, and internationally. He has customers in almost every state and travels frequently for inspections and testimony across the nation.

Western United States Office - California Construction Expert Witness

Mike Panish, Construction Expert Witness, runs an active construction company, door & door hardware company, and cabinetry & millwork company in the Los Angeles area in California. He has been a California Licensed Building Contractor since 1987 with license classifications in the following areas:

General Building Contractor (B License)
Electrical Contractor (C-10 License)
Cabinet, Millwork, & Finish Carpentry Contractor (C-6 License)
Door, Lock, & Security Equipment Contractor (C-28 License)
Painting & Decorating Contractor (C-33 License)

Mike Panish is frequently retained by attorneys on the west coast in the following states: California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, Idaho, Montana, Washington, Oregon, Wyoming, Alaska, and Hawaii as wells as Canada and Internationally.

Eastern United States Office - New Hampshire / Boston, Massachusetts Construction Expert

Mike Panish, Construction Expert Witness has had an office in the New Hampshire and Boston Massachusetts area for 15 years and provides expert witness inspection and testimony to the eastern United States from that office. Mike travels frequently between his two offices to service clients all over the United States and Internationally.

Because of his specialized expertise in most construction trades with emphasis on doors and door related injuries and defects, Mike has cases and regularly conducts inspections and tesifies in most every eastern, southern, and mid-west state including New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, Maine, Florida, New Orleans, Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Iowa, Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Nebraska, Illinois, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Ohio, and Michigan.

Mike is also frequently retained for cruise ship personal injury cases and travels to different ports in other countries to inspect doors & architectural millwork on ships.

Mike Panish has over 35 years of hands-on experience in the field of construction. Mike has been a retained expert on over 2200 cases. Mike's experience in construction and his unbiased assessments make him the nation's number one choice for an effective and unbiased expert witness for plaintiff and defense attorneys. He is qualified to inspect, assess, and testify for most every construction trade.

Mike has been retained as expert for cases all over the country for both plaintiff, defense, and cross defense (manufacturers and service providers).

If you are in need of the finest construction expert, door expert, automatic door expert, or premises security expert anywhere in the United States or Internationally, Mike is the man you need on your case. You can trust Mike Panish to be your investigative partner throughout every stage of your case.

Mike can address and inform you of potential issues or liabilities that may present a possible vulnerability in your case. By anticipating problems and identifying evidence, he can help you come to any courtroom or negotiation table thoroughly prepared to present a strong case.

Responsible for Multimillion-Dollar Verdicts

Having been retained as a forensic expert, expert witness, or consultant for over 2200 cases involving both plaintiffs and defendants, Michael Panish can handle any type of construction legal matter with skill and precision. Operating under the highest standards of confidentiality and professionalism, he can be trusted to work swiftly and efficiently and discover the vital evidence that is needed for the success of your case.

Mike's involvement has helped limit liability for defense & has removed defendants as parties to lawsuits on MSJ

Many times manufacturers, installers, or service providers are brought into lawsuits by other parties in order to shift liability. When Mike gets involved in a case where he has been hired by defense counsel, if the client is unjustly brought into a lawsuit, Mike's thorough investigation and strong reports have helped many defendants and cross defendants get out of the lawsuit on Motion for Summary Judgment.

Mike Panish is extremely articulate and able to relay information in reports so that anyone can understand even the most technical information.

During deposition and trial testimony, Mike is a strong and knowledgeable witness.

Mike Panish's areas of expertise include but are not limited to:

Strengthen Your Case with Undeniable Evidence

Mike can be called upon to do a thorough physical inspection, write reports, evaluate reports, assess repair or replacement cost, appear in depositions, mediations, and hearings, offer expert testimony, and assess opposing witness testimony to uncover flaws and inaccuracies.

Mike also designs and builds custom courtroom trial exemplars that create persuasive and comprehensive displays to enhance your case.

Read what Mike's past clients have to say about working with him

Call Michael Panish, Construction Expert Witness today. Get Mike involved in the early stages of your case, you will be glad you did!