Michael Panish has been retained on over 2200 cases by both Plaintiff and Defense on a variety of case types. The following list are abbreviated and singular examples of actual types of cases that Michael Panish has consulted on or participated as an expert witness. If you are seeking information about a specific type of case, contact Sharon at (888) 902-4272 for an immediate response. She will put you in touch with Mike Panish.

Case Results

Elder Abuse Rape at Senior Long Term Care Facility $12,500,000

Worker attacked resident. Expert witness for Plaintiff as a security premises liability expert. Established gross negligence throughout the facility in maintaining proper security for the residents based on doors, door hardware, locks, and surveillance.

Rape at Adult Day Healthcare Facility

Bus driver attacked resident. Expert witness and consultant for Plaintiff as a security premises liability expert. Established lack of security and supervision of personnel on mobile transport vehicles. Evaluated alternative methods to existing policies.

Settled before trial

Bodily injury from Automatic Revolving Door

Injury resulting from poorly maintained automatic revolving door in an international airport. Expert witness for the Plaintiff for automatic doors. Established improper maintenance and operation of automatic door equipment leading to significant physical injury of a child.

Bodily injury claim from Automatic Sliding Doors in a casino / hotel

Plaintiff (patron) was struck by door, resulting in broken arm and shoulder. Automatic door consultant for Plaintiff's claim. Established that the Plaintiff was inappropriately using the doorway and was struck by the door as a result of his behavior.

Bodily injury claim from manual door closer in a restaurant - Settlement was paid to Plaintiff

Plaintiff was allegedly struck by the door, resulting in broken arm. Established that improper maintenance and damage to the door closer was the cause.

Personal injury claim at National Chain Store - Settlement was paid to Plaintiff's family

Elderly plaintiff was struck by a malfunctioning automatic sliding door, resulting in death from medical complications. From site analysis and video surveillance, established that door components had malfunctioned.

Bodily injury claim from sectional garage door installation - Settled

Plaintiff injury resulted from alleged improper door installation components. Established that the responsibility was on the part of the homeowner.

Unsafe Premises / Head Trauma & Brain Injury - $6,500,000.00

Expert witness for the Plaintiff. Established defective design, implementation, and installation of decorative millwork in a Casino hotel room resulting in significant bodily injury.

Super Market Injury - $4,200,000.00

Expert witness for the Plaintiff for cabinetry and millwork. Established improper design and installation of casework in super market resulting in bodily injury.

Bodily injury claim from Automatic Sliding Door

Injury claim at Senior Housing Center from alleged negligence of door installation service company, resulting in injury to senior citizen. Expert witness for Defense (door service company). Established that the negligence was on the part of ownership of the property and not directly related to the door service company.

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