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Stanley Access Technologies has been a leader in the automated door industry for nearly 70 years. Stanley Access Technologies produces automatic doors for a wide variety of commercial, institutional, industrial and transportation applications, offering sliding, swinging, revolving and folding doors as well as a variety of sensors and controls. Stanley also offers service and maintenance programs.

Sliding Door Systems

Stanley has a wide selection of automatic door systems including Dura-Max Series, Dura-Glide Series, Dura-Guard Heavy Duty, and Bypass Doors. These systems have a variety of options available including delayed egress, jamb cam security camera, and StanVision Sensor.

BiFold Doors

Stanley's Automatic Bifolding Door is a retrofit to replace existing manual swing doors and gives full door automation for two-way traffic. The bifold has two-panel and four-panel configurations with a variety of opening widths from 4' to 10'. Door panels fold in or out.

Swing Door Systems

Stanley's Magic-Force Operator® works in both full energy and low energy applica tions and is used in supermarkets, department stores, hospitals, airports, office buildings, public buildings, schools and universities. Stanley's Magic-Swing® is used for high- traffic retail, commercial and industrial applications. Stanley's Magic-Access® low energy operator can automate any new or existing swing door and is used for ADA door systems as well.

Healthcare Door Systems

Stanley's manual door systems are used in hospital intensive and cardiac care units (ICU/CCU). They feature glass panels for unobstructed view to patients and combine the features of both swinging and sliding doors.

Revolving Door Systems

Stanley's revolving doors are a three or four wing design. with a patented door wing pressure release mechanism concealed below the floor and within the canopy ceiling.


Stanley Access Technologies has developed automated systems specifically designed for the transportation industry including mass transit applications and airport shuttle systems.

Controls & Activiation

Stanley's push button / push plate controls are hard wired or radio controlled push plates, and are also mountable to posts and rails.

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