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86 Year Old Woman Struck by Automatic Door


An 86 year old woman was walking into a market in California with the assistance of her walker. She approached the automatic swinging door marked ENTRANCE and the door opened. She began to slowly pass through the doorway when the door abruptly reversed its direction and struck her on the shoulder, knocking her and the walker to the ground. As she layed on the ground, the door trapped her leg against the door frame. The woman was rushed to the hospital and after x-rays were taken, it was determined that she had a broken hip, broken arm, and had dislocated her shoulder. The woman's family filed a personal injury and premises liability lawsuit against the market.

The attorney who filed the lawsuit was a personal injury attorney with many years of experience. However, he had never had a case that involved an injury from an automatic door. This attorney was fortunate to find Mike Panish, who is the nation's leading expert and most retained expert witness for automatic door injury claims. Mike is retained by Plaintiff, Defense, and Cross Defense (Door Manufacturers and Door Service Providers). Mike inspected the doorway and helped this attorney understand all the technical aspects of the automatic door injury case.