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Door Injury Cases - Pertaining to the Insurance Carrier


Mike Panish has published a new article with advice to insurance carriers with regard to door injury claims that they are involved in or defending. When you have a claim involving a door related injury at your insured's premises or your insured has provided door services or product to that premises - you need an expert you can count on to give you ALL the information you need to analyze your claim and exposure. You cannot get the same results by using a one-size-fits-all expert that your attorney may have used in the past on a construction claim.

"Get the best expert involved at the beginning stages of the door injury claim to thoroughly analyze your obligation and potential exposure."

"Don't hire an expert based on the lowest hourly rate or smallest retention deposit"

"Thoroughly evaluate your experts' credentials and past experience with that particular type of door claim."

Mike Panish is a forensic expert witness and consultant in the construction industry. One of his primary areas of expertise pertains to doors, locks, door closers, and automatic door cases. He has over 35 years of hands on experience dealing with commercial, multi residential, hotel, hospital, lab and other locations where specialty door systems are needed. He has writtenseveral articles on the subject of door related claims and maintenance issues related to door and automatic door systems. He is licensed as a door and hardware contractor in the State of California. He has been involved in many door cases across the United States and Internationally. He has been used as a consultant and has been retained and designated as expert in many types of door injury related claims for both the plaintiff and defense. Mike is able to quickly ascertain the facts, explain the critical information pertaining to your case and can assist you in developing your case from discovery through trial. He has offices in California, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. He is available for nationwide, inspection, consulting, expert analysis, and testimony.