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Child Burned after Door Stuck Closed - Mother was on the other side of the Door


A child was severely burned when his mother was trapped inside a bathroom in their rented apartment. The mother couldn’t open the door to get to her child. The door lock jammed and the warped door stuck to the frame. Michael Panish, door expert witness, was retained by the Plaintiff's attorney to inspect and investigate. Discovery revealed that the plunger mechanism on the bathroom latch-set would not retract and the door had not been properly painted (sealed) on all six sides and had become swollen due to moisture buildup.

Mike Panish is the perfect door expert to call on when there is a claim involving a door or door component that has malfunctioned. He has over 35 years hands-on experience manufacturing, installing, and servicing doors for most commercial and residential applications. Michael has consulted and testified in many injury cases pertaining to door related issues as well as most aspects of construction defects, product liability, and poor workmanship.

Mike Panish, door expert, is the author of a very informative article that will help attorneys during discovery for door claims. The article has been published in Plaintiff Magazine and is titled "Door Defects and Door Related Injury Claims". It describes the different types of doors and door hardware.