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Senior Citizens and Automatic Door Injuries


Senior citizens who have been struck by a malfunctioning automatic door can have serious injuries that often lead to death. Mike Panish is an expert witness specializing in automatic door injury claims, and has been retained by Plaintiff, Defense, and Cross Defense to investigate, analyze door accidents, and assess responsibility.

Once a claim is made for an injury that has been created by a malfunctioning automatic door, it is important to have an independent professional assessment made of that doorway as soon as possible. Observation of the mechanical condition of the door systems is often beneficial, and generally leads to a more favorable outcome for the Plaintiff. Mike Panish is one of the highest regarded and most knowledgeable automatic door experts in the country.

Defendants for an automatic door injury claim should record and preserve all accident documentation and surveillance evidence. Early analysis of the automatic door systems, video surveillance, and documentation can assist Mike Panish in defending the liability for the automatic door injury claim. Many property owners and tenants have retained Mike Panish to inspection, evaluate, and analyze their automatic doors immediately following an injury occurrence. This often happens prior to the claim being filed in order to determine the store's potential liability for the door injury.

Automatic door service providers are often named as defendant or cross defendant in an automatic door injury lawsuit due to the fact that they have their service sticker affixed to the doorway. It may be an unjust claim, but still requires immediate and thorough defense in order to limit or remove the liability.

Revolving doors can be one of the most dangerous types of automatic pedestrian doors. Automated revolving doors are among the most sophisticated electronically, and require regular safety inspections, maintenance, and daily observation. Many injuries resulting from automatic door claims are due to partial defective devices that are in need of maintenance or replacement. The cost of servicing a revolving door can deter the premises management from proper maintenance.

The types of injuries created from automatic door accidents include blunt force trauma, broken bones, bruising, cuts, internal bleeding, sprains, compound fractures, and amputations. Many injuries resulting from automatic door malfunctions have led to unnoticed medical conditions or deteriorating health which has resulted in death of elderly people.