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What are the different types of Automatic Doors?


Automatic Sliding Doors are used frequently for two way or directional traffic. Automatic sliding doors can be single sliding doors, bi-parting sliding doors, and telescopic sliding doors.

Automatic Swinging Doors are usually directional and used for one way traffic, either in or out. Automatic swinging doors can be single, pair, or double doors.

Automatic Folding Doors are usually installed when space is a consideration. Automatic folding doors can be single fold or bi fold doors, and pedestrians can move either direction through the same opening.

Low Energy swinging Doors can be activated by a push plate or operated manually. Low Energy Swinging Doors are available in single, pair, and double doors.

Automatic Revolving Doors and Manual Revolving Doors (rotating doors) are used in high traffic areas and provide pedestrians the ability to enter and exit simultaneously. They allow a large number of people to pass in and out at the same time. Revolving doors are energy efficient, preventing drafts, and reduce the cost of heating and cooling for a building. Automatic doors can have two wings, three wings, and four wings that are usually made of glass.

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