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The Importance of Door Closers


Door closers are used to keep a door in its closed position on top of the threshold of a door opening. When a fire rated door system is required, a door closer is generally specified. While there are many types of door closers available, not all door closers are rated for fire. The fire rating of any doorway is calculated by the lowest rated component of the doorway system. These related elements include the door, door frame, hinges, smoke seal, door closer, and threshold (among other components). Locksets or panic devices may change the rating of a specific doorway.

It is important to assess the overall condition of each door in a facility. Scheduled quarterly inspections of all doors are recommended. A typical inspection will verify that the opening and its components are functioning correctly. When an opening is fire rated, it is essential that the door closes completely and unaided by any contact, other than using the forces created by the door hardware. If a doorway is connected to the central life safety or fire systems of a building the closing action is often activated either mechanically or electronically when an alarm is initiated.

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