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What kind of expert do you want working on your case?


Mike Panish has been instrumental in resolving many premises liability cases this past month. They have all resulted in a positive outcome for his clients. Mike is retained by both plaintiff and defense. Working for both plaintiff and defense sides is apparently quite rare these days. Many opposing experts who have been questioned during deposition have admitted that they only provide their services to either plaintiff or defense, not both.

On several automatic door injury and wrongful death cases, it was found during courtroom testimony and depositions that many of the opposing experts in these cases had little personal or practical experience with the hardware in question. Mike was the only expert that had ever installed and serviced the type of doors and hardware that were the cause of the subject injuries. His practical experience and knowledge proved devastating to the opposition. In two of these cases, the opposition retained engineers with little or no automatic door hardware expertise, and the research used to formulate their positions came directly from information they found on the internet. In a recent case, two engineers working together arrived at their answer to the causation facts pertaining to an automatic door injury claim. They were both absolutely mistaken, and had relied completely on documents they had seen on the internet website of a door hardware manufacturer. While their position seemed solid and feasible to the attorney that retained them, Mike Panish (due to his hands-on experience with automatic doors) proved that the actual cause of the accident was from a completely different operational issue, one that was not mentioned on the manufacturer's website.

Mike Panish is the kind of expert that knows and understands all of the important details that pertain to the areas of his expertise. Having worked in the construction industry for many years, he has seen things that are not part of a textbook explanation of a piece of equipment. Mike has often compared his depth of knowledge in the following way: You can read a book about Henry Ford and the Model T. You may think that you understand every important aspect of how a Model T was built and runs. But, until you have personally restored, repaired, or driven an actual Model T, you really have no idea what that car is all about. You need to have had the experience of driving and listening to the car to know its real personality. Many of Mikes' expert opponents have read about various components or examined documents pertaining to the manufacturers products found in the subject cases. Very few (if any) have been involved in the daily hands-on operations that make them a true door hardware or automatic door expert.

Through the internet, it is now possible to obtain information from many sources. Mike Panish has authored many informative and innovative articles including articles about doors, automatic doors, cabinetry and architectural millwork, construction accidents, construction fraud, premises security, elder abuse, and more. Many of those articles can be found on various locations online, as well as in the "published articles" section located on Mike's website at It is not uncommon to find other experts searching his website to cull information regarding an aspect of a case that they do not fully understand. Go directly to the source, Mike Panish is the expert that will help you with all aspects of your case from start to finish.

The next time you are looking for the best expert for your case; don't hire the same old engineer that you used in the past. Enlist the services of the expert that will make a difference in your case. Mike offers a unique perspective and a thorough understanding of all aspects of his fields of expertise. If you want great results, you need Mike Panish.

Due to Mike's unique abilities his expertise in the field of construction is diverse and comprehensive and includes almost every construction trade. Please browse this site to see some of the many services that Mike Panish provides for his clients. If you do not find your specific need, please give us a call to discuss your case requirements. Click here for Areas of Expertise.