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Assessing Schools for Security and Safety


Mike Panish has been asked by various school districts across the country to help assess the existing school security. In the wake of the Sandy Hook school shooting tragedy, school officials in many states are looking into assessing options and ways to make their schools safer. Mike is an expert witness and consultant for all types of doors, door hardware, and building security. He has been meeting with school officials to assess the current conditions of the perimeters and door functions of schools from California to Massachusetts. Mike is the author of
"Increasing School Safety - Concepts to keep our Students Safe" and "MOAT - A New approach to School Safety".

Mike Panish is a licensed Door, Lock, and Security Equipment contractor in the State of California. Mike is also a General Building Contractor and Electrical Contractor. Mike Panish has participated in governmental security improvement projects during the past twenty five years as a specialty contractor. He has been involved in installing and developing security products for courtrooms, jails, office buildings, government agencies, banks, hospitals, hotels, and most commercial venues. His door and hardware company routinely works in schools, hotels and hospitals. His crews have designed and installed overt and covert security surveillance systems throughout the state. Mike is a nationally recognized expert witness that has been retained, consulted and testified in court on security cases involving door and hardware issues and security breaches leading to rape, murder, abuse and assault for clients of all ages. Mike is available to consult and assist any organization wishing to develop a safer environment.