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Automatic Doors are Convenient, But Injuries do Occur


Many public buildings have automatic doors at their entrances and exits. There are many different types of automatic doors, some of which are automatic sliding doors, automatic swinging doors, and revolving doors. Automatic doors are convenient to the user because they allow you to pass through an opening without having to pull or push the door open. Automatic doors can also be very helpful for disabled persons who are maneuvering in wheelchairs, walkers, or with canes. However, accidents do occur while people are passing through automatic doors. These accidents can occur due to door malfunction, maintenance issues, inappropriate product for the application, and sometimes because of improper usage.

Michael Panish is the nation's leading and most retained and designated automatic door accident expert for lawsuits pertaining to automatic door injuries. He receives daily calls from attorneys who are either representing the injured party, property owner, or door service providers. Mike is available for inspection, consultation, and testimony for all types of automatic door lawsuits and disputes. Mike Panish is experienced in specifying, installing, and servicing automatic doors and brings a level of expertise to the case that other experts are not able to provide. Mike has been instrumental in obtaining high settlements for Plaintiffs, and limiting liability for Defendants and Cross Defendants.