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CONTRACTOR FRAUD - Beware of Unscrupulous Contractors


CONTRACTOR FRAUD - Beware of Unscrupulous Contractors is Part 2 of a series of Contractor Fraud articles that Michael Panish has written and published. Part 1 is an article titled CONTRACTOR FRAUD - Don't become a Victim.

Mike Panish is an expert witness and consultant for most construction trades and is hired by attorneys, surety bond companies, insurance adjusters, and homeowners across the nation to help them determine what went wrong with their renovation or new home construction. He is called to thoroughly inspect, document, report, and testify as to the problems that have been created by unscrupulous contractors. Fraudulent contractor activity is very common in many areas such as California, Nevada, Florida, and also areas where mass rebuilding has been necessary due to natural disasters such as hurricanes, flooding, etc.

Homeowners are taken advantage of by contractors, and many times liens are placed on the homeowner's property by the building contractors. Many times, homes have been totally demolished or destroyed by contractors, leaving the homeowner with nothing but the foundation. The cost to repair and rebuild after a contractor has destroyed a home can be much more than the original contract amount.

Mike Panish's involvement and testimony has been instrumental in obtaining landmark verdicts and settlements in the California courts. Mike is available for nationwide inspection and testimony for any type of construction related problem and is the perfect expert for construction fraud disputes and cases.