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Who you gonna call?


Who you gonna call?

The best expert is someone that has a lifetime of practical experience in his or her field of work.

Mike Panish's expert services and opinions are based upon his years of actual "Hands On" experiences working in many construction fields. Once you retain Mike, he will be the person you with work on your case. Mike is a unique expert who considers all aspects of every case prior to rendering an opinion. His expert reports are developed and hand crafted on an individual basis, and they are not from "boiler plate" or "off the shelf" reference materials.

Mike personally conducts inspections for each case that requires inspection and has an independent and unbiased eye. Because of his vast construction experience, Mike usually knows upon immediate observation what the key and critical issues are.

Mike Panish is the expert you need for any type of door or gate injury or defect case or any type of construction related injury or claim. Learn more.