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Door Closer Injury Case - SETTLED


Door closer injury case just settled thanks to the knowledge and expertise provided by the nations' leading door closer injury expert Mike Panish. Mike was recently flown to a remote rural area where he was called upon to evaluate and inspect a questionable hotel door injury claim. Mike was retained by the insurance carrier to analyze the report of the plaintiff's expert and view the facility where the alleged injury claim took place. Through his site investigation, Mike easily refuted the allegations made by the opposing expert. Through proprietary information that he has accumulated in his exemplar collection, Mike was able to prove that the opposing experts' claims made regarding the hardware manufacturer and installation dates were inaccurate and flawed.

Mike Panish is the leading expert in door closer injuries and all door hardware issues. He has been retained, and acted as consultant and expert witness in over 100 cases pertaining to manual door closer and hardware related injury claims during the past five year period. He has a thorough working knowledge of all door closer mechanisms and designs.

Mike Panish has authored this informative technical article which outlines some of the reasons why some door injuries occur and how door closers work: "MANUAL DOOR CLOSERS - Do you have an Open & Shut Case?".

Mike has personally installed thousands of pieces of hardware from a variety of manufacturers such as Norton, LCN, Jackson, Ingersoll Rand, Yale, Von Duprin, Primus, Assa Abloy, Schlage, Bommer, Truax, Hager, Stanley, National, Kwikset, Medeco and many others throughout his long professional career as a door and hardware security contractor. His company routinely provides door and door hardware products to all commercial venues including hotels, hospitals, medical centers, restaurants, airports, government buildings and jails. Mike has established preventative maintenance programs to assure product and life safety compliance. Mike has been responsible for ADA compliance with unique products that he has designed, developed, and manufactured in his shops.