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Michael Panish is an expert witness and consultant for all types of door injuries. One of the more common types of claims stems from injuries that occur when a door slams back at someone. When this occurs it can cause serious personal injury by throwing a person to the ground, severing achilles tendons, and even amputating toes, fingers and hands.

Read this article about Concealed Door Closers to learn about one type of door closer that is hidden or recessed inside the floor or door frame.

Typical injuries that have been created by defective door closers have included broken bones, amputations, head trauma, severe cuts, and even death. When you have an injury case resulting from a defectively functioning door closer or any door hardware component, the only expert that you should contact is Mike Panish. Mike has installed thousands of door closers of every type during his professional career as a door and door hardware contractor of over 35 years.

Mike Panish's company, Door and Hardware Systems, is licensed in the State of California. Mike's company has been contracted to provide routine quarterly maintenance by hospitals, hotels and commercial venues and Mike is the only expert witness in the country and internationally that equally represents plaintiff, defendant, and cross defendant.

Mike Panish has a thorough working understanding and personal knowledge of most door components. His files include an extensive library of products for reference and comparison of even the most obscure pieces of door hardware.

As of this writing, Mike has participated and/or provided courtroom testimony in over 70 cases specifically involving manual door closer issues. Mike Panish has authored numerous published articles relating to doors, automatic doors, door closers, and all types of door hardware.As a door expert, Mike has been instrumental in resolving cases that were at an impasse with a single site inspection, and got his client immediate results from his discoveries on site. Mike maintains proprietary information and records for many manufacturers, and has obtained exceptional results for proving spoliation of evidence based upon his thorough research of products in several recent cases. Mike Panish's testimony has been undisputed time after time. Mike has always proven effective and will be your biggest asset on your next door closer case. Use the door expert that has the most experience in the industry.