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Every attorney wants position results for his client. Mike Panish is probably the busiest door expert in the country. He gives his full attention to every case he is working on. His staff is particularly supportive and attentive to their client's needs. One call to the office of Mike Panish, and you know you found the perfect expert for your case.

Here is a testimonial from an attorney on a recent case: "Having spoken to other door experts, I can't tell you how relieved I was to have found Mike. Finally, an expert that cares and knows how to get the job done correctly. He is definitely not flying by the seat of his pants, as it seems other so called experts do. He is the guy I want on my project. Mike helps from start to finish, and never forgets even the smallest detail about your case. He has literally recalled a single fact from thousands of pages of documents that helped me win my case. My office staff never found the detail that Mike uncovered in the documents.