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Mike Panish, Expert Witness - Is Direct & Gets Results


I have just been told by an attorney that has worked with Mike Panish on a couple of other cases during the past few years that Mike is the only expert he has used that gets right to the point. He is direct and gets results. According to this defense attorney, working on insurance defense is often like being a punching bag. Mike has made the job of many defense attorneys into an offensive position. As Mike works almost evenly for plaintiff and defense, he is knowledgeable and has an understanding of what works to get results for his involved parties.

According to this insurance defense attorney, Mike has made his job a breeze. He said he works well and diligently with his staff to get reports, affidavits and documents filed on time. He has the prior experience to help this attorney's office get through the bumps that occasionally occur. Mike and his office have always been attentive and timely. Mike takes his call almost immediately, and will devote whatever attention is needed to help him through his issues. This attorney says that Mike Panish is probably the most prompt expert he has ever used, and will continue to call upon his services anytime that he can.

Mike Panish is an expert witness for most construction trades with specialty expert services for door and automatic door injuries and defects, door hardware, and architectural millwork defects and injuries.