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Criminals can now unlock your car with a new device


Police are trying to get a handle on a new chain of car thefts where a thief can walk up to your locked car and use a hand held device to easily unlock your car door. Criminals have designed a new high-tech gadget which allows them to access your car's electronic locking system, possibly simulating your door locking controls. This is evidently a new technology that someone has developed and police are baffled. These events are happening across the country and it is being caught on video surveillance, which the police are examining.

This system doesn't appear to work on all cars. Car manufacturers have been asked to assist in helping solve this new problem of car security being breached.

Police are advising that you not leave any valuables inside your car, including garage door openers. If a thief gains access to the interior of your car, they can get your garage door opener and check your registration, then gain access to your home.