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Wrongful Death Door Case Settles for 7 Figures


"A month ago I retained Mike Panish to help me with a new wrongful death case. I am the plaintiff's attorney and my client was 84 years old when she entered a well-known big box store. She was hit by a malfunctioning automatic sliding door. I flew Mike across the country to take a look, and within two weeks of his inspection, we settled the case. Mike understood everything that was important to my case. He wrote a brief description of his findings. I took his statement to a settlement conference, and within a few hours we had a 7 figure settlement. The opposing expert opinion was obviously of no value to the defense. Mike is the expert I want on my team anytime. I hope to work with him again soon." Attorney for Plaintiff, Indiana

Michael Panish is the most retained and designated door expert in the country. He is almost equally hired by plaintiff and defense trial attorneys to help them analyse and sort out their case.

Mike is available for nationwide inspection and testimony, with offices in California and New England. If you are an attorney representing a client on a case involving any type of door injury or wrongful death, Mike Panish is the expert you should contact. You can view other testimonials from plaintiff and defense attorneys all over the country on Mr. Panish's website at