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The Ups & Downs of Parking Lot Control Arms


Michael Panish, Door & Gate Expert Witness, has anew article about Parking Lot Control Arms and how people get hurt passing through them. This article is what every personal injury attorney needs to know about how they function, why they fail, and why someone got injured.

Who is at fault?

Who is to blame?

What are the industry standards that affect the claim?

Mike Panish takes you through how parking control arms are configured,the types of control arms, how they work, and what "standards" are used to design and install them. This comprehensive article addresses pedestrian usage, safety features, service provider's obligations, owners responsibility, and pedestrian responsibility.

If you have a case involving a pedestrian being struck by a parking control arm, this is a must read.

Michael Panish is an expert witness that is retained equally by plaintiff and defense and has been retained on over 1350 cases since the year 2000. Visit his website at