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A magnetic lock is a heavy metal block that requires professional installation and continual maintenance. Injuries that result from falling magnetic lock components are common.

As a door and gate legal expert, Mike Panish is contacted frequently regarding injuries due to falling magnetic lock components. He has been the retained expert on numerous legal cases where a magnetic lock failed to work or did not stay attached to the door and frame, as required. Falling magnetic lock components have created serious injuries and wrongful death claims. These claims have happened from diverse locations such as security doors for banks, shopping centers, hospitals, labs, penal institutions, long term care facilities, and hotels - among others.

Magnetic locks are heavy and sharp boxes that fail in many ways and they frequently lead to personal injuries including traumatic brain injury (TBI). There are installation techniques and procedures that generally make these devices safe, if professionally followed and performed.

Read Mike Panish's article about Magnetic Locks that fall from Overhead and see personal injury case examples of claims where maglocks have fallen and caused serious personal injury and death.