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Hotel guests assaulted in their hotel rooms


Hotel guests assaulted in their hotel rooms

Hotel guests need to be confident that they are safe from intruders in their hotel rooms. They also need to be sure their hotel room door is closed and locked.

Mike Panish, Facility Security & Door Expert, receives many calls to help in legal cases where people have been assaulted while relaxing in their hotel room. Through viewing hotel surveillance cameras, one can see potential intruders testing each door as they walk down a hallway. Sometimes they’ll find one that is easily pushed open. Sometimes it is the fault of the person inside that doesn’t make sure they have actually closed and locked the door. Other times it can be because door locks and door closers are not working or installed improperly.

Mike Panish, Door Expert, is the expert Plaintiff and Defense attorneys call to help them sort out these types of security questions and assault claims. He has been retained as the premises security expert on assault, rape, and murder cases that occurred in hotels, dorms, and apartments. He can assess and investigate whether industry standards and security protocols may be missing and provide strong support for the claim.

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