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Hotel Guestroom Furniture Failure & Defects


An architect draws plans for a hotel remodel. The architect provides drawings for built-in guestroom desks and cabinetry. The plans are sent out to bid and a local cabinetry shop is awarded the contract to build the casework. One year after the installation of the completed casework, the desks start to fall apart. The cabinet shop is called in to fix many failing pieces throughout the guest rooms. They notice that in many guestrooms the desks are dropping and becoming detached from the main cabinet.

What is the problem? Who is responsible for this problem? Did the cabinetry shop build the cabinetry per the plans provided by the Architect? Did the carpenter cut corners? Did the architect draw the plans properly for this application? Are the guestroom cabinets being abused by guests?

Mike Panish is the leading cabinetry and furniture expert witness in the country. Mike is frequently called upon to do site product inspections, analyze plans, and help resolve these types of problems. Mike is retained almost equally by Plaintiff, Defense, and Cross Defense for all cabinetry related issues. Mike is also a wood and product finish expert, who is able to determine why product finishes are failing.