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Attorneys need assistance from a specialty expert for Automatic Door Injury Cases


One of the most frequent calls Mike Panish receives from attorneys is about injuries sustained from an automatic door malfunction. The call usually begins with a scenario much like, "My client, who is almost eighty years old, was in a hotel lobby, and as she was walking through the doorway to the parking lot, the sliding doors slammed shut on her, causing her to break her hip." Or, "upon entering a revolving door, the door suddenly sped up, and actually trapped a young child between the door panel and the fixed portion of the doorway crushing the boy’s arm and shoulder." "What can you tell me about the functions of the doors and why could this have happened? Do you think my client was careless? Was something wrong with the design of the door? How could this have been prevented? And, was this a maintenance issue? Who do you think is at fault for the defect in the operation of the door?"

Michael Panish is the most frequently retained automatic door expert witness in the United States. Michael Panish has provided nationwide inspection and testimony for automatic door injury cases involving all types of automatic doors, including automatic sliding doors, automatic swinging doors, automatic folding doors, low energy doors, and all types of revolving doors. Michael Panish is the author of many published articles relating to doors, automatic doors, and door injuries, many of which have appeared in legal publications across the country.