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Malfunctioning Door Hardware trapped woman inside a vestibule for hours


A woman was trapped in an egress vestibule adjacent to a stairway for several hours and suffered seizures when she couldn’t take her medicine. Mike Panish was retained as the door expert on this case. Mike's inspection and discovery uncovered that the improperly installed panic hardware on the exit door did not function properly.

Mike Panish, door expert witness, is a door and door hardware contractor in the State of California and has installed and/or serviced thousands of panic bar and push bar hardware on public doors over the last 35 years. He has extensive field knowledge for all brands of panic hardware.

Mike Panish, door expert witness, has consulted and testified in many injury cases pertaining to door related issues as well as most aspects of construction defects, product liability, and poor workmanship.

Read this article, written by Mike Panish titled "Door Defects and Door Related Injury Claims". It describes the different types of doors and door hardware.