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Door Component Glossary & Descriptions


Glossary of terms (as they apply to door components):

Hinge: a device usually consisting of two leaves interlaced to receive a removable pin allowing for movement of the two leaves so that a positive attachment can be made to two individual stabile components.

Closer: A hydraulic or spring loaded device designed to draw, retard or bring together a door to the door framed opening.

Swing: The direction of movement and arced path of travel taken by a door in a framed opening.

Panic device: A piece of hardware designed to work without any special knowledge, activated by applying force to a bar usually positioned horizontally across the face of the door.

Frame: The product bordering a wall opening allowing connection between wall and door.

Lock set: Any lock device that works in concert with a latch and strike plate.

Smoke seal: Any material capable of gasketing a framed opening. The material that the seal is composed of is specifically designed to isolate transfer of smoke and poisonous gases emitted by a fire.

Door sweep: A piece of weather-stripping or smoke seal designed to stop air, smoke or other objects from entering underneath a closed door. Acts like a broom to sweep along the floor, sealing the door bottom.

Threshold: The boundary of two areas associated with a door way. The material located directly underneath a closed door. Depending on rating requirements, a variety of materials are used.

Latch: The bolt that physically holds a door closed when engaged in a strike plate working as part of a lockset.

Strike plate: The plate attached to a door frame, with a hole to receive the latch..

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