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"A Little Knowledge can be a Dangerous Thing"


As a construction expert witness, Michael Panish has published many informative and technical articles relating to his expertise as a door expert automatic door expert, cabinetry expert, and construction expert witness. Many of Michael Panish's articles relating to his specialties and services are quickly becoming the "standard reference" for the door industry, attorneys with door injury cases, and door defect lawsuits. Mike Panish's most popular articles have appeared in a variety of legal publications across the country.

Mike Panish receives daily calls from plaintiff's attorneys, defense and co-defense counsel, and insurance companies who inquire about his expert witness services. Many times the attorney wants to run a personal injury or defect case by Mike to get his opinion on whether their case (Plaintiff) is worth pursuing. Or, perhaps a Defense attorney needs to know the potential liabilities for their client. Attorneys appreciate Mike's opinion because they know that Mike Panish has been retained on many hundreds of cases similar to theirs.

Some attorneys may take information from Mike's articles in an effort to gain as much information as possible, without actually retaining an expert. This is where they should be careful. The information in Mike's articles is presented to give attorneys an understanding of the technical information in a very basic and generic form relating to door injuries, door hardware, automatic door injuries, cabinetry, and other construction defects.

What is of critical importance is that the attorney understands that his lack of experience and knowledge in Mike's particular field is the exact reason why he needs to retain Mike as his expert witness. Using a few key phrases or topics from one of Mike's many informative articles is not enough to formulate and construct a strong case for either side.

Why should you retain Mike Panish as your expert for your personal injury case?

Retaining Michael Panish as your designated expert is equivalent to hiring any specialist in a particular field. It is important to ask yourself, if you were placed in the unfortunate position of requiring open heart surgery:


If it were my choice, I would want the surgeon who had personally performed and developed his techniques through many hours of practice and NOT use the surgeon that has only observed or read about the procedures.

Using Michael Panish as your expert witness is equivalent to retaining the services of the working surgical professional. Hiring an engineer or an architect that you might have worked with on other cases, with little or no experience is equivalent to hiring the surgeon with no practical experience. While the observing physician may have an opinion or arm chair quarterback commentary, he lacks the knowledge, hands-on experience, and expertise acquired through many years of on the job working experience.

When Michael Panish is retained to make a site visit he is analyzing all aspects of your claim from a diverse and varied perspective that comes from over 35 years of experience. Often, issues that are relevant to a claim go undetected by other experts. The other experts frequently do not understand on the job occurrences and miss important aspects that can make the difference in your case.

Mike Panish is the specialist expert you need for any door injury, automatic door injury, door defect case, and any construction defect or construction injury case.