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Door Injury Lawsuits


One of the most common types of expert related calls that Mike Panish receives pertains to some sort of door injury. Door injuries caused by automatic pedestrian doors manual doors or garage doors often lead to serious and potentially life threatening high dollar liability cases. Mike Panish's case load as a door expert witness is evenly split between plaintiff and defense. He has written articles testified, and been consultant on many door injury cases throughout the country and abroad. In addition, his services have been utilized by defense teams representing cross defendants such as door maintenance companies also named in the chain of commerce.

If you represent a Plaintiff, Defendant, or Cross Defendant in a door or automatic door injury case, the best thing you can do for your case is to call Mike Panish, who is the leading expert witness for door related injury claims. Call Sharon at (888) 902-4272, who will put you in touch with Mike to discuss your case.