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Hurricane Sandy Insurance Claims


Due to the serious devastation created by hurricane Sandy, many thousands of insurance claims will be submitted for the building losses suffered. Michael Panish has offered his services to help wind and flood property claims adjusters evaluate and expedite the process of assisting insured property owners. He was involved in claim coverages created by significant events such as the devastating 1994 Northridge, California earthquake. Mike's construction company participated in reconstruction of damaged commercial and residential properties, hotels, and hospitals. He was chosen as a consultant for several large condominium and apartment claims by insurance adjuster teams during that event. Mike is an expert in the field of construction, and regularly analyzes and evaluates water intrusion and wind damage issues throughout the country. He assists insurance teams with rebuilding efforts and also acts as an advocate for building owners when working with insurance claims. Mike Panish is experienced in evaluating all building trades associated with rebuilding efforts.