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Door & Automatic Door Expert Witness - Plaintiff & Defense


Working as an unbiased expert witness, equally providing his services to both the plaintiff and defense has augmented Mike Panish's status as the nation's leading automatic and pedestrian door injury expert. By offering his opinions and working on cases that often include cross or codefendants, Mike Panish has repeatedly been asked to help with both the plaintiff and the cross defense on many cases simultaneously. Participating in depositions or settlement conferences, Mikes services have been enlisted by multiple parties in a single action. Mike is equally retained by both Plaintiff and Defense. His unique expertise in many areas makes him the perfect expert choice for all door injury cases. When compared to other experts that only provide services to the plaintiff or defense sides exclusively, Mike's unbiased services are currently in even higher demand. Mike has been retained many times to replace previous expert's that lacked the real knowledge that is essential to develop or defend a claim. Mike has a thorough understanding and is capable of developing comprehensive evaluations derived from his practical expertise that other experts do not possess. Mike consistently provides unbiased opinions and possesses communicative abilities to simply and accurately state the facts.

If you are an attorney looking for the ideal expert for your pending door or automatic door case, or would like to discuss your potential case with Mike, he is available for immediate consultation free of charge. Mike maintains offices in New England and Southern California and is available for nationwide inspection and testimony. Mike Panish is the expert that will make your position clear to your opponents. All of his evaluations are made exclusively for your case, and are not derived from a standard boiler plate template previously used on other cases similar to yours. Give Mike a call, you will be glad that you did. Call Sharon at (888) 902-4272 and she will put you in touch with Mike to discuss your case.