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What you need to know about Automatic Doors


Do you have a product liability action or one for negligent maintenance on a case where automatic doors have injured your client? Are you defending an action like this, representing an automatic door manufacturer, automatic door service provider, or perhaps the facility where the door was installed?

You should read this article, written by Michael Panish, Automatic Door Expert Witness – "The Ins and Outs of Automatic Door Operation". This article will take you through the basics and give you a better understanding of your case. But, you should really pick up the phone and contact Mike Panish to discuss how he can help you with your case.

Mike has a thorough working knowledge of sensor systems and safeguards. Mike is expert for all types of manual and automatic doors including revolving doors, sliding doors, swinging doors, bifold doors, and low energy doors.

Mike Panish is the nation's leading expert witness and most frequently retained expert for automatic door injury cases. Mike is retained almost equally by plaintiff and defense, and is frequently retained by cross defense and automatic door manufacturers.