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Automatic Door Injury VERDICT News


Last week Mike Panish was instrumental in assisting a Massachusetts law firm win a case involving a local chain store automatic door injury claim. Working on behalf of the Plaintiff, Mike was able to establish the specific cause of the injury. Mike Panish's testimony in this automatic door injury lawsuit proved and convinced the jury that the lack of maintenance and lack of daily safety inspections of the door were the ultimate reason for the incident. The opposing expert presented by the defense was proven inconsistent, and did not have the expertise to give an opinion about the incident. In court, the opposing expert said that he had worked on 4 or 5 door cases about fifteen years ago, and he was basing his opinions on his knowledge of electrical engineering. This case had nothing to do with the operation of the door motor controller or any electronic or electrical components. It was strictly about the lack of ongoing professional maintenance and daily safety checks for safe operation of the doorway. After a few hours of deliberation, the jury returned a verdict in favor of the Plaintiff. According to the Plaintiffs attorney, Mike Panish (our only expert) proved invaluable and the reason for our success in this case. Read Mike's article about the importance of daily safety checks for all automatic door systems.