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Mike Panish custom fabricates miniature & full size Courtroom Exemplars, Models & Displays


It is often important to have display models and courtroom trial exemplars in order to properly explain your case to a jury during trial. Mike Panish, because of his years of experience as a designer and fabricator of custom cabinetry and architectural millwork, is able to accurately fabricate display models for trial. A jury doesn't always fully understand the case until they see what happened right in front of them. Mike's models are both miniature (to scale) and full sized reproduction models and are available for full rooms, buildings, or just specific areas. Because of Mike's expertise in many areas, he provides courtroom models for almost every type of case relating to his expert services. He is able to reproduce rooms exactly as they were.

For instance, for personal injury and wrongful death cases that involve doors or locks, he is able to make full scale or miniature models of the actual doors and locks so the jury members can see exactly what happened. If a headboard or some piece of architectural millwork falls on a hospital or hotel guest, Mike is able to exactly reproduce products and the scene. If an accident occurs inside a market or grocery store, Mike is able to replicate the isles and fixtures inside the store.

Mike is a master woodworker and furniture maker able to provide exact representations of all products. He has produced accurate museum quality products used to replace antique pieces too fragile for display with modern products and materials that have convinced most observers.

Read more about Mike Panish's Courtroom Trial Exemplar and Scale Model services by visiting this page on his website.