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What are Expert Mike Panish's clients saying about him?


5 more cases - SETTLED !

What do Mike Panish's Clients say ?

Client Testimonials

"A month ago I retained Mike Panish to help me with a new wrongful death case. I am the plaintiff's attorney and my client was 84 years old when she entered a well-known big box store. She was hit by a malfunctioning automatic sliding door. I flew Mike across the country to take a look, and within two weeks of his inspection, we settled the case. Mike understood everything that was important to my case. He wrote a brief description of his findings. I took his statement to a settlement conference, and within a few hours we had a 7 figure settlement. The opposing expert opinion was obviously of no value to the defense. Mike is the expert I want on my team anytime. I hope to work with him again soon." Attorney for Plaintiff, Indiana

" I have always been skeptical of most experts. The moment I spoke to Mike, I knew he was different. His level of knowledge, his years of experience and his interest in my case convinced me that he was the only expert I needed for my door injury case. I was representing a store in an automatic door case as the defense attorney. While Mike told me that the store could have a significant responsibility for the injury, when he inspected the property, everything changed in my favor. Mike found details that the opposing expert missed. He knew codes that applied that the opposing expert misquoted. We made our decision to aggressively defend this claim, and we have recently settled with excellent results for my client. Can't wait to use Mike again." Attorney for Defense, California

"I recently used Mike Panish to help limit my client's liability in a revolving door claim. Because of his experience and expertise, we reached a reasonable settlement for my client significantly below what the plaintiff's side wanted. A real win-win. Mike is the guy!" Attorney for Defense, Florida

"Defective cabinets in an airport were analyzed by Mike Panish. He knew the cause and the way to get the corrective work done properly. This could have cost my company millions in lost contracts. It turned out that the work my company had done was proper, but the products we had used had defective chemicals. Mike knew, as he is actually a working cabinet contractor. Thanks for the help." Cabinet Manufacturer, California

"Paint problems in a large commercial building. Called Mike, he made a visit to our property, we got positive results due to his assessment. Would not call anyone else." Building Management Co, Massachusetts

"Never worked with an expert like Mike Panish before. He was the third expert that I hired for this case, wish I had known about him sooner. This guy got results, what more can you ask for. Highly competent, informative and generous with his time. Great staff and fast response to all my case needs. You really get what you pay for with Mike Panish." Attorney for Plaintiff, California

"Mike was the primary witness for my case. I attribute my eight figure verdict directly to him. Attorney for Plaintiff, California

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