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DOOR INJURIES & "The Eggshell Plaintiff"


Michael Panish, Door and Door Hardware Expert and Automatic Door Expert Witness has just published a new article called DOOR INJURIES & "The Eggshell Plaintiff".

Here is an excerpt from the article:

"As discovery has often shown, people in poor physical or mental condition who are left unattended or unassisted in doorways are often the genesis of their own injuries. All commercial venues have the responsibility to maintain their facilities to industry wide standards, seek proper routine maintenance, and provide daily inspections of their door systems. However, it is difficult to provide safe passage to every patron of their facilities when some of those patrons may include persons requiring diligent physical supervision, special assistance walking, or have special needs due to disease, mental incapacity, or other unknown infirmities."

Mike Panish is the nation's leading expert and most frequently retained automatic and manual door consultant. He has been involved in over 650 cases representing both plaintiff and defense evenly. Mike has a thorough working knowledge of door hardware and components. He has personally serviced, installed, and maintained major brand door products for many years. He is the author of many articles that cover most aspects of door components, door hardware and door injury claims. Visit his website at for a list of Mr. Panish's relevant articles and to view all of his expert and consulting services.