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Supermarket entrance door thresholds covered in snow slush


Many grocery and supermarkets have routine observation of their aisles for leakage and dropped food products, they even inspect their restrooms on a regular basis. One of the things that managers need to be aware of is that the entrance to their stores can be very dangerous if the doors are not inspected at least on a daily basis. When there is inclement weather and there are wet, snowy and dirty areas leading up to the entrance, it is important that the store management check those areas regularly and keep those areas clean to protect their patrons from slipping or tripping, and falling. Here is an example of a store that is negligent. They managed to melt the snow outside so customers would not slip, but they forgot to clean up the mess and patrons were having to walk through this to enter the store. This is a personal injury lawsuit waiting to happen and the store manager is neglectful not keeping the entrance safe to visitors.

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