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Zero Defense Verdict


Mike Panish was the retained expert for a defense case where a door service provider was sued for alleged defects to an overhead garage door in a commercial warehouse, causing personal injury. Despite the information where Mike showed that the service provider met his obligations for installation and set-up which was given to the plaintiff's attorney during deposition, the plaintiff's attorney refused to acknowledge that his own retained expert's opinions were invalid and took this questionable claim to trial.

After both expert's testimony, the jury came back with a ZERO defense verdict for not only the door service provider but also for other defendants.

Mr. Panish is retained equally by plaintiff and defense attorneys. He always provides accurate and unbiased information. He assists many attorneys in deciding if a case that they are considering is worth pursuing. For an honest evaluation of your claim, and an opinion from an expert that really knows what he is doing, you need to call the most retained individual expert in the country. Mike has active cases in most of the US and Canada. He is familiar with standards and practices that are relevant to any case and will not misinform you. A recent call from an attorney that ran his case by Mike left this testimonial: "Even though I did not hire Mr. Panish, as he did not feel that he could be of service, his insight will be instrumental into moving my case forward". Mike has been retained on over 1150 cases since the year 2000. He is the expert that can honestly and fairly assess your claim.