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Knocked over by an automatic door


Knocked over by an automatic door

An elderly woman was walking into a big box store through a set of automatic sliding doors. The doors were already open when she started walking toward the doors. As she crossed the threshold, the doors suddenly closed on her and she was thrown to the ground.

Michael Panish, Legal Expert for Automatic Doors, was retained by the plaintiff’s attorneys to inspect the doors and review the door service records to determine what caused this accident. Through discovery, the store manager testified that the doors were simply turned on when opening the store, and turned off to close the doors at store closing. Mike learned the store did not have a service contract, which could have ensured regular inspections of the door system. A service provider was only called as-needed.

Mike determined that the Big Box Store was responsible for this injury by not doing daily safety checks of these doors. Just turning them on and off is not considered a safety check. A daily inspection of the doorway and doors should have been done to assure that the doors and door sensors were working properly. This case ultimately settled in favor of the plaintiff.

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