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Door slammed on customer and sliced her achilles tendon


Door slammed on customer and sliced her achilles tendon

A customer pulled open a glass door and, as she proceeded through it, it slammed back on her, hitting her ankle and slicing her achilles tendon. The bottom of the door was sitting a few inches above the floor threshold, and its bottom edge was sharp.

Doors in public places are not always adjusted or maintained the way they should be. Manual doors are often regulated by hydraulic or spring-loaded door closers that need maintenance. Manual door closers that are out of adjustment or not maintained create significant force that can break bones, tear Achilles tendons, and even amputate fingers and toes. Defective, improperly attached or poorly adjusted door closers have been responsible for significant injuries when they’ve closed a door so forcefully that a user is unable to get out of its way quickly enough.

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