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Mike Panish replaces door expert that doesn't show up to inspection


I received a call the other day from a frantic attorney who had a critical inspection of a facility scheduled for the next day. The inspection was across the country from where Mr. Panish was currently located. Evidently, their previously retained door expert had let them down and wasn't showing up to the inspection. I quickly sent the law office the appropriate paperwork to get Mike Panish retained as their door expert and had him on the next plane. Mr. Panish flew all night and conducted his inspection the next morning, so they would not miss their only opportunity to inspect the door.

What the attorney probably didn't realize when the first expert refused to attend the inspection was that he really did them a favor. Mike Panish is the leading door and automatic door expert in the country and is the most experienced expert in this trade.

This so called "door expert" really let the attorney and case down by not meeting their needs. This is not the first time that he has replaced unqualified and unresponsive trade experts. Mike Panish and his staff do everything possible to attend to the needs of their clients. The unparalleled services and efforts made by Mike and his staff get results for your case, with no excuses.

Don't jeopardize your own case, and never be let down by hiring the wrong expert again. When you hire Mike Panish as your expert, his unresting staff will work 24 hours for your case, when necessary.