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Gave my Contractor $50,000 and Never Saw him Again !


Total job cost quote was $ 125,000 and my contractor asked me to give him $50,000 so he could buy materials and get started. That was 4 weeks ago, and he isn't returning any of my calls. So, I started to research the guy online, and found out that he isn't even a licensed contractor.

Every week, Mike Panish's office receives calls like this. It seems that people are so excited to be finally doing a remodel that they rush into a contract with the first guy who comes along. They don't do the appropriate research before getting involved with contractors, or even find out if they are really contractors. This is all too common of a problem.

Mike Panish is a legal expert witness for all types of construction related issues involving defects and injuries. His expertise encompasses all construction trades and he is well know nationally as an unbiased construction expert. Homeowners are taken by unscrupulous "so called" building contractors every day and Mr. Panish is involved as expert on many cases across the country.

Mr. Panish can inspection and report on his findings, which helps you fight these unscrupulous "so called" contractors to try to get your money back.